Amazon best deals and how to find them 2022

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Do you know that there are at least 12 million products on Amazon right now and it still continues to increase?

Maybe you know, but I’m pretty sure that fewer people would know that are 9.7 million sellers on Amazon.

12 million sellers, competing with each other, giving us the most competitive market ever. Price is the hardest battle, and therefore, we always have great deals on Amazon.

But they are not that obvious to find. You may wonder why good deals are hard to find. That’s because there are more fake deals than real deals. You may need some help to find the real deals.

A very famous website that can help you find great Amazon deals is It has a Price Tracker System that shows you virtually any Amazon product price history. With this tool, you will know if the price is actually a discount, or if it has always been a fake “40% discount” from the beginning, where they listed it at a very high price and then “discounted” it to the normal price.

We’re posting real deals every day on our Facebook page at

But we can only post a few of them, while there are thousands, to say the least. Please tell us what you’re interested in, and we will narrow down our search to find what is best for you. Here, or on our Facebook page. or private message us at

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