Buying Anker Prime Power Banks from USA to Cambodia with Cambo Quick

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Anker’s latest lineup, the Anker Prime Power Banks, offers a powerful and versatile solution for charging on-the-go, accessible not just globally but also in Cambodia through Cambo Quick. With three impressive models and smart displays, these power banks are designed to keep you connected. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features of Anker’s Prime Power Banks.

Anker Prime Power Banks: Power and Convenience

Anker’s Prime Power Banks series includes three options:

1. Anker Prime Power Bank (12,000mAh, 130W) – $89.99

Ideal for mobile users, this power bank combines a 12,000mAh capacity with 130 watts of power. It supports 65-watt input and output through USB-C ports. Available on Anker and Amazon.

2. Anker Prime Power Bank (20,000mAh, 200W) – $129.99

This model offers a 20,000mAh battery and 200 watts of power, perfect for quick and efficient charging. It supports up to 100 watts of input and output through its USB-C ports, along with a USB-A port. Available on Anker and Amazon.

3. Anker Prime Power Bank (27,650mAh, 250W) – $179.99

For power-hungry users, this high-capacity power bank provides 27,650mAh and an impressive 250 watts of power. It supports a maximum of 140 watts input and output through USB-C ports and a USB-A port. Available on Anker and Amazon.

Smart Displays for Real-Time Updates

All three Prime Power Bank models feature smart displays. These displays provide crucial information such as the current charge state, estimated time for a full recharge, and the current output wattage. Stay informed about your power bank’s status at a glance.

Anker Prime Power Bank Charging Base

Complementing the Prime Power Bank series is the 100W Charging Base. It delivers 100 watts of charging power through its pogo-pin connector, facilitating the effortless recharge of any Prime power bank. The charging base also offers three additional ports for charging extra devices:

  • One USB-C port at 100 watts.
  • One USB-C port at 30 watts.
  • One USB-A port at 22.5 watts.

The charging base is available on Anker and Amazon for $69.99 when purchased separately or as part of a bundle with the 250W power bank model for $219.99, saving you $30 compared to purchasing both items individually.

Cambo Quick: Your Global Shopping Assistant in Cambodia

Cambo Quick simplifies international shopping by connecting you with the latest tech innovations and accessories, right here in Cambodia. With Cambo Quick, you can access Anker’s Prime Power Banks and other cutting-edge products from around the world. Our service ensures hassle-free purchasing, reliable shipping, and genuine products directly from famous brands. Stay ahead with Cambo Quick and power up your life effortlessly.

Elevate your charging experience with Anker’s Prime Power Banks, available now. Choose the model that suits your needs and enjoy fast, reliable, and efficient charging wherever you go. Stay connected and powered up with Anker’s latest innovations, accessible through Cambo Quick’s global shopping assistance.

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