Buying something you don’t know

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Online shopping is risky, especially you are buying from oversea.

Amazon is not here in Cambodia. They are way oversea, halfway around the world. I think you have already known that there will be problem with that. But let me list them down for you.

  • Amazon does not ship most of its products to Cambodia

  • When it does, it is slow

  • And it’s expensive with all the International shipping, clearance and tax

  • Return policy is not for you, unless you pay shipping fee, which often costs more than the item itself.

  • Time zone can keep you from a quick conversation with seller and┬ákeep you from many good deals

I can go on, but let just move on.

Buying something online means that you will not actually see, touch, smell, or test the products, not until several weeks later. And that’s a big problem. Cambo Quick have seen so many disappointed faces throughout the years of doing this service. There was a customer who wondered why the box says “Made in China”. There were ladies who ordered nice expensive shoes, dress, accessories only to found it did not fit them right. There were people who thought they were smart when they found seller contact information and got a private deal with seller for a better price. They then struggle to do shipping, clearance, tax, but the worst part was the fact that the seller was a scam.

When everything is right with the purchase, there are many more to worry about after that. Where is your warranty? Who to ask when you don’t know how to use the products? Or when something strange happen and you have to wait for 3 days for seller to reply to your message. Cambo Quick have refunded 100% money back for customers that did not know their product can only run on 110 Volt so they plug it in Cambodia 220V and it got on fire. We have refunded 100% money back for those who did not know how to adjust a luxurious watch and thus broke it.

But does Cambo Quick know it all? Have we been though “all sort of problems”? No, we certainly have not. We are learning, just like you are. We know we will pay for it, but we are taking all the risk, all the pain that you may have had to suffer if you do it by yourself. We give you peace in your mind, freedom from hassles. 100% refund for whatever bad could happen to your purchase.

In conclusion, there will always be problems with online shopping. But you have us cover you from all that.

You can now buy something you don’t know. From someone you don’t know.


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