Check your seller before shopping online

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Although there are many level of protections that Amazon and eBay offer to you, you must still be careful. Checking before buying. The most important is how reliable your seller is. Here is how to do it.

On eBay, at the product page, you’ll see this:

eBay product page.png
eBay product main page

Clicking on the name of the seller, in this case is “adidas_official”, you’ll see this:

Adidas official rating page.png
Seller rating details on eBay

Interpret: This seller has received 96,700 ratings from buyers, 98% of which said it is a good seller.

Cambo Quick recommendation: Only buy from sellers who have at least 1,000 ratings, with more than 95% positive.

On Amazon, it’s a little bit different. If the item is “Sold by Amazon” or “Fulfilled by Amazon”, it’s safe.

Sold by Amazon.png
Sold by Amazon


Fulfilled by Amazon.png
Fulfilled by Amazon

But if the item is sold by a 3rd party seller, and not fulfilled by Amazon, you should check the seller reputation first.

Sold by 3rd party.png
3rd party, not fulfilled by Amazon

You can check by clicking on the name of the seller, that will bring you to the seller main page.

amazon seller main page
Amazon seller main page

Interpret: This seller “PURE JAPAN” has received 181 rating in the last 12 months from buyers, 97% of which said it is a good seller.

Cambo Quick recommendation: Better buy from Prime item, which sold or fulfilled by Amazon. If you have to buy from 3rd party with out Amazon fulfillment, choose seller who has at least 1,000 ratings from the last 12 months, and more than 95% positive.

Watchsavings rating information.png
Example of a good seller on Amazon


We hope this little article can help new online shoppers to have a better safe shopping experience.

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