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We can buy from these websites

We charge $6/pounds (or $13 per KG) for shipping, and 5% of the total invoice for handling. Some items have clearance and will be given case by case.

We talk one by one first

First, Clearance: We will represent you to do all the document works with Customs, and pay any tax if there is.

Second, Handling: this is our main service fee, it will cover all management fee, and insurance 100% item value

Third, Shipping fee: This is the shipping fee from USA to Cambodia, we charge $6/lbs (or $13/kg)

USA has “Sales tax”. It’s the same with Cambodia VAT. Product price on website that you see may not include it, and they may only show it in the final check out when you insert your shipping address. Because Sales tax is different between states.

Cambodia has Import procedure, in which you have to prepare document for Import Permit, open Declaration letter, pay Duty tax, VAT, and do Clearance when customs inspect your cargo before letting it in Cambodia land.

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Yes you have.

For order less than $25, you will pay when you receive your order.

For order above $25, you will need to give us the amount enough to pay for seller.

100% refund for whatever you have paid us. 50% off handling fee next order.

100% refund for whatever you have paid us. 50% off handling fee for next order.

No, we can not. You can check our shipping time line here.

Yes, we do. For order above $25.

We have been shipping around Cambodia since we started. Free shipping for order above $50 to all Cambodia Land.

Actually, seller needs 3 – 10 days to ship from them to our USA warehouse. So almost half of the shipping time can not be saved. We need 10 days to ship from USA to Cambodia.

Yes you can cancel your order if seller hasn’t shipped out your order.

In case seller has shipped out your order, we will do further support and it will take time to cancel, but still possible if the order has not arrive to our US warehouse.

In short, the sooner you inform us, the better chance you can cancel your order

Yes, we buy everything. $0.1 is also an order. We treat all order equally.

Prime is a plan. If you pay Amazon a certain amount of subscription fee, you’ll be a Prime member and you will have access to Amazing offer from Amazon like: 2 days FREE shipping. Prime early access deals. Prime exclusive deals…

Cambo Quick is 4 years Amazon Prime Member.

First reason could be: Things are often cheaper on Amazon. Because that’s why Amazon has customer.

However, be careful with those “Discount”, because very often they are just a marketing trick to make you think you are in for a good deals, while in fact the price has never been higher before.

We can consult you which one is real, which one is not.

Because it’s a scam. The truth is, even on Amazon, you can still get scammed. So be rational, use common sense.

No we do not allow that. It’s for security reason.