How to buy from Adidas USA

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Adidas US is not your regular adidas. Whenever there are new design, adidas US gets it first. Whenever there are discounts, adidas US most likely will have the deepest. On top of that, the regular price on adidas US is also almost always lower than which you see in Cambodia.

There are 2 possible way that you can do online shopping from Adidas USA. You can go to or you can go to adidas official store on ebay at The adidas official store on eBay is actually the biggest adidas outlet. You will find almost everything on discount. Most discount are around 30%, but some are at 60%, some even offer buy 2 get 1 free, on top of all the discounts and promo code. So a $100 pair of shoes may only cost you $25.

While it is possible, it is quite difficult for Cambodian to shop there. There are a couple of problems: Adidas US doesn’t accept payment from non US citizen; adidas US does not ship internationally, it only ships within US border. adidas actually HIDES its products from viewer who is not located in the US (they track your IP address). They don’t want people who live outside the US to see those discounts. Why should they? They do not ship any where outside the US anyways.

So how can you buy from adidas US if you are living in Cambodia? How can you get all those amazing prices that you aren’t supposed to see.

You can, with a little help from Cambo Quick.

Cambo Quick will provide you an account that allows you to see adidas products on adidas eBay. After you pick your wished items, Cambo Quick will pay, ship, and deliver it to your door in any part of Cambodia. The best thing is, you do not worry about any problems that may occur during that process. You will not have to pay if the products arrive you are WRONG, DAMAGED, or LOST. We’ll take care of all those problems.

You can always get Cambo Quick support by going to Cambo Quick website at or chat to Cambo Quick at

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