How to buy from Sephora USA

  • Post comments:0 Comments USA features more than 3,000 brands of cosmetics, skincare, body, fragrance, nail products. It also has a massive collections of its own private label. For makeup lover, Sephora is very familiar. The USA Sephora online store always surprises customers with big beautiful discount and promotions, on top of a very reasonable listing price. AND, there are free sample for any order exceed a certain amount, too. All that makes Sephora a paradise for any girl.

However, Sephora USA does not ship internationally, it only ships within the US. So, how do you buy from Sephora if you live in Cambodia?

It’s possible with a little help from Cambo Quick.

Cambo Quick is a forwarder, who will buy your wished item on Sephora, have it shipped to a warehouse in the US, where it will be forwarded to Cambodia and then delivered to your door any part of Cambodia.

That’s basically it. Cambo Quick will take care of Payment, Shipping, and Insuring. The most important part is INSURING, making sure the products will arrive to you CORRECTLY, COMPLETELY. You will not have to pay if the product is wrong, damaged, or lost.

You can either send Cambo Quick a quotation request by hitting the GET QUOTATION on the top of its website. Or you can chat to Cambo Quick instantly at

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