Our Amazon and eBay shopping service in Cambodia

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Cambo Quick was the first to start offering Amazon shopping service in Cambodia. We have been offering the most reliable service in the market. We are quick in responding to customers’ questions, consulting appropriate sources and buying methods, reacting and solving unexpected typical online shopping problems. People trust us for our dedicated hard work.

At first, we started this service to solve one major infamous problem in Cambodia: Terrible post office. Back then, people who tried to order products oversea were really tired of waiting desperately. Most website offered estimated shipping time way over 2 months. However, most people never received any products at all. They didn’t know where their orders were, and neither did the sellers. Order just seemed to disappeared. Consequently, most website does not allow to ship to Cambodia.

Fortunately, we had a way to solve the problem. Initially, we had some one in the US to make and receive orders from Amazon and eBay, then they forwarded it to Cambodia once a week. It was just that simple, and we could solve the problem. We did not think about profit at that point, we were trying to help our community. Our rate was low, and it remains until now.

Naturally, we experienced a boom in demand, because no one was doing this shopping/shipping service except for us. We encountered may difficulties and struggle to handle the fast increased volume. Once again, we found more solutions. Dealing with difficulty and unexpected problems everyday has made us who we are today.

Right now, we are told to be the most responsible and thus respectable and reliable Amazon and eBay shopping and shipping service in Cambodia. We earned this badge by putting our customer benefit first. Even for the darkest time of our life, we did still take all the responsibility for all the unexpected, unavoidable lost and mistakes we didn’t make, but affected our customers. We have been trying our best to give customer the safest shopping experience.

Until now, words of mouths is still our main source of customer. People recommending us to their friends is what keep us running. We are proud and thankful for that.

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  1. David

    Do you only ship the types of merchandise siem below (watches, Amazon devices,
    Kindle E-readers, fire tablets, gaming device, etc. )?

    1. Cambo Quick

      Hi David

      We ship almost everything, except it’s restricted by the law. These products on our website are some popular and discounted products we found.