Power Banks That Charge Laptops PD

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Nowadays, laptops are getting a longer and longer battery life. However, there are still reasons to keep your laptops plugged in as much as you can. Number one could be for Macbook users that want to keep the cycle charge down. Number two could be anyone who owns a very-difficult-to-fix laptop like Surface Pro line from Microsoft.

I have been searching around for years for a convenient solution to charge my Macbook on the way, but not until something called Power-Delivery (aka PD) was introduced that I finally thought This is it.

My first choice, and also the Powerbank I am using everyday at the moment

Energizer X20001PD

Image result for Energizer X20001PD

It features the second most powerful PD USB-C port there is in the market right now. Capable to provide up to 45W via a single USB-C cable. It’s more than enough for your Macbook Pro 13 inches to maintain the same level of charge, and will be fine for the 15 inches if you won’t do heavy editing or gaming.

Capacity: 20,000 mAh
4 Fast-Charing USB ports
1 Micro-USB imput
1 USB-C PD port

PRICE: $89 @CamboQuick


The second place belong to a much more expensive option. It’s also a better option if your budget allows.

Omnicharge Omni 20

Yes, this is the most powerful PD Powerbank out there. 60W output from a Powerbank is just mindblowing. The LCD screen with helpful information is a big bonus. Plus the design and the top notch build quality, this one is a killer. If only the price was not too high, I would be able to recommend this to more people.

Capacity: 20,100 mAh
2 fast-charge USB out put
1 PD USB-C 60W output
1 USB-C input.

PRICE: $240 @CamboQuick

The next runner is actually more famous than the Energizer.

MAXOAK Type-C Power Bank


It even comes with customs Mac-safe cables. So you can even charge your Macbook Air and your order Macbook Pro. It looks better than the Energizer, and it’s cheaper than the Omnicharge. It’s a complete package.

Capacity: 36,000 mAh
2 fast-charge USB output
1 in/out USB-C PD port
1 Standard 16.8V/4.6A port for your Macbook air and older Macbook Pro

PRICE: $170 @CamboQuick

All these chargers are not available in Cambodia market. Fortunately, Cambo Quick can help you buy them from Amazon or eBay USA and ship them to your hands in Cambodia.

Price above has included the shipping fee and service fee.

Thank  you.

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