Voltage problem when buying American electric devices

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You can trash your new electronic device almost immediately if you plug it to the wrong voltage.

Basic knowledge you should know: The USA uses 110 Volt, Cambodia uses 220 Volt. If you plug the 110Volt device into 220V power, it will die in less than 10 seconds.

If your device use an adapter like these below, It’s often 100-250Volt. This means it can work in any country. However, you still need to read the printed information on the adapter to be absolutely sure, because there is some rare exception.

If you device use direct power cable like these below, you MUST read the voltage support. The information usually located next to the cable outlet, and/or in the manual.

Before plugging your new USA-imported devices into your Cambodia home power, you need to be absolutely sure about the voltage support. Using the wrong voltage not only can destroy your devices, It can easily cause fire outbreak.

If your device can only run on 110Volt. Do not ever plug it directly into Cambodia power. You MUST use a Voltage Convertor like below. It cost only as little as $10, however I suggest you should buy a good one ranging from $25-$50.

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