How to find Made in USA products on Amazon

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Most products on Amazon are made in China.

I don’t think you’re still surprised by the fact that almost anything you buy from Amazon USA is actually made in China. All iPhones are made in China, even 80% USA flags are made in China, too. So I believe it’s been a common sense that most of the things people made on this earth are made in China. Although some few people are still confused when they see the product they have been waiting for 15 days to ship from the US to Cambodia, is made in China.

How would you know the originality of a product on Amazon? Unfortunately, it’s not easy as it should be. The Product description rarely mentions it. You will often find this information in the product pictures.

Since most of the Made in USA products are Foods, or in Health and Beauty category, their packaging pictures are extremely detailed. You will often be able to find the originality of the product on the back of its packaging.

Made in USA


You actually don’t need to check the originality of electronic products on Amazon, because they are all made in China. Except some very rare specialized tools that I think If you know them, you know they’re made in USA.

Made in China or Made in USA, nowadays it doesn’t make that much different. The standard quality control has been proven to be excellent. The overwhelmingly efficiency logistics in China makes it so much easier and cheaper to manufacture basically anything. Cheaper doesn’t always mean less quality. Instead of focusing on Originality, people tents to focus on the brands name, or more precisely the reputation of the manufacturer.

Thank you for reading until now, for your rewards, I’m revealing somewhat of a secret category on Amazon: Made in America Store

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